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Nov12-12, 07:49 AM
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I'm not sure if anybody can give you a good advise, Carlos. We had a thread some time ago that touched upon the question, if asperger was more common amongst physisists and mathematicians. There was some evidence supporting that.

But the more I read the less it seems that asperger is correctly defined. The obsessions, oh yes, if something appeals, you can soon meet the specialists on knowledge. The anxiety with people, I don't know, it could have to do with feelings of inferiority and/or fear to fail. I once held a presentation about a scientific subject for some dozens PhD's in their circle and I was very apprehensive at the start. But after a first -naive- question from somebody, I realized that I was the "teacher" and they were the "students" and that gave a tremendous boost to confidence and it went well from then on.

Oh and I'm not asperger I think, but I recognise it. Just go for it and keep talking, communicating and posting.

Anyway, Just my