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Nov12-12, 10:55 PM
P: 28
Thanks for the encouragement Andre!

I've given a few presentations in various web development conferences. My first time I dry heaved into the mic twice back-to-back...once because I was so nervous and another because I realized I just dry heaved. I don't remember anything I said for the next 20 min, but I was able to play that off somehow and I actually won a client from it.

I think my biggest challenge is the obsessiveness. Frankly, if I could hide in a room all day and just focus on whatever it is I'm working on I'd do it. Pay me in peanuts and as long as I can recycle the shells to pay the bills I'd be happy.

The social anxiety bit I know I can get over, that's just a result of me becoming more and more reclusive. I've always been and will always be awkward, but when I hear of people like you going through it, I'm sure I can get over it as well.