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Dec1-12, 08:48 PM
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We cannot diagnose you, but relax, many people suffer from anxiety. Speak to your primary physician, they can prescribe something that will relieve your anxiety and allow you to get back to feeling normal again.

If your primary physician feels that you need a specialist, a psychiatrist can prescribe the correct medicines. The relief you can get from appropriate medication can give you back a normal life. Don't keep suffering, see a medical professional about your anxiety asap.

Hope your physical tests all come back normal. A psychiatrist can also help you. Psychiatrists have gotten their MD's already, then spend years afterwards specialing in the brain. Find one that does both therapy and medication, if you feel you want therapy also. A good psychiatrist will be concerned with your physical health as well, and can be a great resource for recommending specialists for physical ailments, and take everything into consideration.

I hope you find a good doctor and good luck.