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Jan8-05, 05:38 PM
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this is the kind of thing that sophisticates like to poopoo because at a certain level it is selfevident. Like----"well if you set all the constants equal to one then you dont see them and of course it's simpler!"

But I am calling attention to this anyway, look at how ugly the Evaporation Time of a black hole is , in the usual formulation.

[tex] t_{evap} = \frac{5120 \pi G^2 {M_{hole}}^3}{\hbar c^4}[/tex]

but if you are working in natural units all you have to do is cube the hole's energy and remember to multiply by 80/pi

thats all. if the energy is expressed in natural energy units then the time will come out in terms of the natural time unit.

[tex] t_{evap} = \frac {80}{\pi}\mathbb{T} \frac{E_{hole}^3}{\mathbb{E}^3}[/tex]

and in natural units the energy and the mass of the hole are the same number so one can say the same thing differently. working in these units you just need to do is cube the hole's mass and multiply by 80/pi