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Jan19-13, 07:01 PM
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Before, I get into detail most or no one does not have this product. This is a device to those who has lost hearing. I would like to introduce to you 2 products of hearing devices to help the Deaf to hear.

I am the candidate of these 2 devises. The first one is called Cochlear. In 2007, from being Deaf since late 1994 I had a surgery for a cochlear implant. It works ok in sound but does need improvements to further enhancement in accurate interpretation of sound.

For speech mostly it suits well. Television is bit quickly to catch a lot of the words. And music is kind of distorted with kind of a warped sound. It helps over the phone. May to have others repeat words or spell them out.

Five years later in 2012 I had a bump on the side of my head caused by the pressure of nerves that were behind my eye sockets. It caused a rip on the side of my head. I got an infection and had to have the cochlear implant removed from my head.

I would then decide to try Bionics hearing device also known as Advanced Bionics. Well I will tell you. This bionics is pretty lousy in interpretation of sounds by far. Cochlear device although distorted to a certain degree sounds still a lot more human in response. While Bionics hearing sounds very robotic. And makes and echo as if being in a cardboard box. Or kind of like a cave. If anyone needs to get this I recommend Cochlear Nucleus five over Advanced Bionics.

Now I am in a quagmire for what can be done. I just spoke to the audiologist about wanting to get my cochlear device back. It would require surgery since it is all together a different product. But I am being told on each surgery either the cochlea or of the inner ear gets a tiny bit of damage each time surgery like this is done. Telling me I could possibly lose some of my hearing if I get another one to get my cochlear to remove the advance bionics.

On March 12 I will be talking to the brain surgeon who does head surgeries of various sources to see how much risk I have of damage. Or can I return back to cochlear. I hate hearing like a Robot from Bionics hearing. I want more human sound from cochlear. Why did I switch products? When I got the infection and had to remove it from my head I wanted to try Bionics because some said it was better that I wanted to be able to play music again. Music with Bionics is not music at all. Cochlear is distorted but more traceable to understanding somewhat what music sounds like. Also cochlear aligned with my brain and voice box speaking and hearing with cochlear is more natural to me. Speaking and hearing with bionics is speaking and hearing as a robot. Did you ever seen the 80s movie war games where the computer says.. Do you want to play a game? Bionics sounds kind of like that while cochlear kind of sounds like a portable radio.

Does anyone have any input on this? Should I try to get cochlear back? Or is too much of a risk that I may or may not lose some hearing? Does anyone know or want to know more about these hearing devices and how they work?
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