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Jan20-13, 04:48 PM
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Youíre right. They wonít be able to see physically whether or not if my hearing is worse or not. But this is why sometimes medical science has inaccurate data. A mouse can be tested. But a mouse canít give their own view on the test.

Cases vary from person to person. I think it is just as important for doctors to hear out patients as the patients also have to hear what the doctor says. Lots of doctors donít want any negotiations. They always want to be right. These are those doctors most people end up saying I donít like this doctor and his or her work. They never care about my feelings my experiences. They think it is as simple as looking in a book to find all the answers.

This doctor I go to is not pushy. But he does exit the room pretty quickly to get to his next patient. He only works at this office once a week in the morning. He is considered the best out of Loyola in this field of his kind of surgery. But he does not decide. Thatís where I come in. So I need to know the chances of risks whether or not I would lose some of my hearing. But you would not want bionics hearing. Itís quite annoying if you have a memory of hearing in the past like I have. These doctors and audiologists believe me for certain. But I am being cautioned to look into this. The greatest advantage I have is Dr. Marzo is a good doctor. All my past surgeries came out well. Can I make it through just one more to get my hearing back on track? . I guess I wonít know until I hear percentages. Iíll have to stay with this lousy hearing if I go too far against great odds.

I will just say this. If you or any family or friends need this tell them get Cochlear Brand. Tell them Bionics has too many flaws and natural sound is just way too out of range. Please believe me I have played music in the past to know the difference in notes. Cochlear is much further to advancing to more natural sounds. They need work but much closer to that goal than Bionics. Thanks for listening even if you canít help. Itís better to vent this out of my system. I am kind of hurt because I want to hear better again. Itís one dream I may be never able to reach.