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Jan28-13, 04:25 PM
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Conflict in AC electricity

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helllo ALLLLLL

my question
in Ac single phase without earth

only one phase live and one neutral

why we say that live line would kill but neutral won't kill

isn't neutral carry current for return "same live current"
By code (at least in the US), the Neutral wire is Earth grounded at the breaker panel. So there is very little voltage developed between the Neutral wires and grounded metal surfaces. The Hot lead is carring the full AC Mains voltage, and both the Hot and Neutral wires carry the current to the load from the source distribution transformer.

The usual risk from electric shock is from a "ground fault". That is, when you are touching some grounded piece of metal, and you come in contact with the Hot wire. That's bad. But if you are in contact with a grounded metal surface, and you come in contact with an exposed Neutral wire, you will only experience a few volts of AC voltage at most, which you will likely not even feel.