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Feb20-13, 06:26 PM
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Say a pair of twins both feel like they are coming down with a Cold or flu. One twin wisely comes home from work takes a hot shower, warms the house temperature a bit, has a good meal and goes to bed early with her iPad. The other twin heads out to a night club and has the time of her life, drinks and dances till the early hours, gets home late and passes out on her bead. Is one more likely to get sick next morning? I know you are probably thinking if she had that much fun it was probably worth getting sick?

I guess there is a tipping point where if you feel like a cold is coming on and if you make the right decisions you can help your body fight it off illness but if you make bad choices your body may lose the battle and get sick?

Could we learn the signs that we are under serious attack from cold or flu viruses and then take steps to help our body fight back? Are there warning signs we are under serious attack?

I feel like I'm under a serious viral attack right now and I don't want to be sick tomorrow, what should I do?

Thanks for any suggested reading!
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