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Feb21-13, 10:00 AM
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Well yes - and we do. Your whole post shows that you already know how to do this.

Mind you, there are a LOT of things that present the same early signs as a cold or flu.
By the time you can confirm you are genuinely under attack, it is usually too late to avoid a full-blown infection ... you are probably going to be stuck being sick tomorrow no matter what you do. Looking after yourself, you can reduce your recovery time.
I think I'm still on the fence. I guess that's the question, if there are any warnings before it is too late to try and do anything to defeat the invaders? I was outside yesterday a bit, going in and outside and noticed that the cold weather seemed to go through me, granted it was a windy cold day, something didn't seem right. My energy levels seemed off. I have a break in work today so I'm in bed relaxing before heading out in the cold again. Googling did not turn up much info about symptoms before symptoms of a cold or flu, pre-symptoms symptoms.