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Algebra: Michael Artin, dummitt and foote, lang.

Calculus: Tom Apostol, spivak, courant.

calculus on manifolds, mike spivak.

differential geometry, mike spivak.

differential topology, john milnor, guillemin and pollack, hirsch.

de rham cohomology and characteristic classes: bott and tu, milnor and stasheff

morse theory: milnor

singular points of complex hypersurfaces: milnor

algebraic curves: walker, fulton, j.p. serre (algebraic groups and class fields)

algebraic varieties and schemes: mumford, kempf, hartshorne.

curves and abelian integrals: riemann, werke; george kempf, notes from mexico, griffiths notes from china, book by arbarello, cornalba, griffiths and harris. mumford michigan lectures, AMS book by rick miranda.

algebraic surfaces: beauville; barth, peters, van de ven.

vector bundles on surfaces: robert friedman.

curves on surfaces: mumford.

higher dimensional varieties: kolla'r and mori

complex analysis: henri cartan.

several complex variables: gunning and rossi.

real analysis: zygmund and wheeden.

complex abelian varieties: birkenhake and lange