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Oct8-03, 03:00 AM
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Originally posted by bettysfetish (extract)
NEREID, Mabey it is gen astron I should be at, "but" If my questions hinge on 10-43sec. and before then isn't "everything" theory, speculation or conjecture? And if so do the rules of "general astron & phys apply here?, or I'm I wrong in thinking that this period was influenced solely by quantum physics. I'm refering to a point when everyting was energy. I'm of the theory that there was a runaway build-up of energy, but I'm still trying to invision these "Virtual Particles" theorys. Wouldn't these particles constaintly get "created and annililated" in a span too short to measure "balance the emtiness or vacume?" And what about the uncertainty princple? Sooner or later some particle is not going to get annililated or reabsorbed, if you will, in time. Now things are out of balance. What happens?
I'll read the books and links left for me.
From Planck time to the CMB would certainly be cosmology, and it would take a great deal from high energy physics, the Standard Model, supersymmetry, LQG, superstring theory, SMT (what DOES it stand for?), and so on. If you're seaching for answers about what happened in the first 10-43 seconds (or what happens at 'temperatures' greater than 1030+ K), I leave it to the PF old-timers, especially marcus and selfAdjoint, to suggest how best to proceed.