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Oct8-03, 04:33 PM
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Hey, I'm back. It's sunney and warm here tody.
No wonder this is stuff is theory, crap, who could possibly assemilate"so" much information.
I gotta hand it to some of you, Today I've been reading a lot. I've copied and pasted several highlighted words from your input and my brain hurts[b(].
I have read on Dirac Theory, Tensors, Einstein's Summation and a page on Arther Cayley (1821-1895) as well as many other definitions.
I may be a day or two on returning as I'm going to learn more in order to put forth some questions or thoughts that might be slightly above high school level.
"Assuming that the universe began at the same moment expansion began---call it time zero---is probably an unnecessary complication to the picture since it is no longer required by theory."
This was an important statement by one of you(i thought anyway)because it allowes for "minus infinity."
If early on the universe "was" "Just A Vacume" it seems there would still be some kind of balancing act going on between "Virtual" particles of some nature as they would be created and annililated constantly by an equle number of particles, being particle and anti-particles, causing disruptions in the cosmic sheet.
Is it too much to postulate that this went on forever, or an unmeasuable, or "Infinit" amount of time untill the uncertainty principle happens along and "SOME" particle somewhere doesn't get annililated in time.
What might theory say would happen? Would "this" spirel out of control and start some imbalence that "MIGHT" throw us into a big bang? If the bang point is ZERO then we have minus infinity and plus infinity finally in the same equation, "IF", we keep expanding untill everything is cold and dead.
O.K., I'm getting in too deep, I'll stop for now.
L8R, and thanks much for your input SelfAdjoint and Nereid.
I'm quite intruigued at this level.
Any sites that help would be good.