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A notebook for university

by Chen
Tags: notebook, university
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Mar29-04, 07:21 AM
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Basically what I'm looking for is a PC with minuscule footprint and a touch screen. I might go for a tablet PC but the reviews on them are not very decisive. Any suggestions are welcome...
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Mar29-04, 05:52 PM
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You'll end up getting a tablet if you want touch screen.

You'll have to be more specific.
Mar29-04, 06:34 PM
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Why do you want a touch screen? Note taking is just going to be a hassle on a tablet.

I say just go with a regular laptop. If you want some decent laptop reviews go to cnet:

Mar30-04, 05:34 PM
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A notebook for university

Don't base too much off of CNet. They are horribly biased.

When I go shopping for notebooks, I always look at: PCWorld Top 10
Mar30-04, 06:08 PM
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Who isn't biased? CNet is a fine resource, provided you take it with a grain of salt. Your best bet is to decide what hardware you want, find a few devices that meet your requirements, and then search for at least 3 reviews of each one by SEPARATE sources.

As far as deciding between what platform to use, I recommend deciding on exactly what you want to be able to use it for. Examples:
Note taking
Internet browsing
Games (simple)
Games (3-D)
Graphic Design

Tell us what you want to do with it and we'll recommend what "it" should be ;)
Mar30-04, 08:06 PM
P: 396
Who isn't biased?
Some sites are more/less biased than others. CNet has a reputation for being biased.

MacAddict has a heavy reputation for being biased towards Mac products. If you want a review on the latest Apple Computer - look elsewhere.

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