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Molecular Orbital Model

by snuffy
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Dec14-09, 09:52 PM
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Could someone explain the rudimentary parts of this model? Also, I don't understand how the Electron Configurations work for this. They seem to follow a particular pattern for certain elements and another pattern for other elements. Or is it the same for all elements?

Here's what I think I understand:

Because we cannot predict the details of electron movement, we have the Molecular Orbital Model. That's all I've figured out.

But how does it curtail that problem? And how do these orbitals relate to atomic orbitals?

I have my final Friday and this topic has been bugging me all semester. I'd love to figure this out before then. Thanks
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Dec15-09, 02:43 AM
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Quote Quote by snuffy View Post
And how do these orbitals relate to atomic orbitals?
Google LCAO-MO.


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