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Autoparking using photosensor

by Moehamed
Tags: autoparking, photosensor
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Jan28-12, 11:57 AM
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hey .. i want to make a control on a car using photo sensors ( LDR ) for an autoparking system would you kindly give me any info about the circuit i have to use to build up this system .. thanks in advance
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Jan28-12, 04:34 PM
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Welcome to PF, Moehamed.
You should never say "Thanks in advance". That indicates that you expect a favourable response, which just pisses people off. If someone says "thanks in advance" to me in person, my response is "you're welcome in advance; now go jump yourself."
That being out of the way, what exactly are you asking? Ford, Mercedes, and several others have spent decades and multiple millions of dollars to develop something that you want we unwashed masses to hand over to you for free. I might be missing something here, but it really seems to me that you are barking up the wrong bush.
Jan30-12, 07:09 AM
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To put that another way :)...

You can't just slap a photosensor on a car and say "go! Park yourself". It requires mutiple sensors in strategic locations, quick and complex coding/logic, and methods to accurately and reliably control wheel speed, steering, and braking.

You can ask for help about what to research, or what problems are generally encountered in these types of applications, but asking how to build an autoparking "circuit" (since it isn't really a circuit, but a control system) wont get you very far...most of us have never built on ourselves, and if we did, I'm sure most would be reluctant (as Danger said) to give it out for free. There is a lot of information out there on the web about using photosensors to control things. Start there.

Methods of control vary greatly, and the application you are concerned with has less to do with what kind of circuit you use and more to do with the logic and controls you use.

Jan30-12, 11:37 PM
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Autoparking using photosensor

Quote Quote by Travis_King View Post
To put that another way :)...
Thank you for posting that, Travis. It made me realize that I was unnecessarily (and unintentionally) rude to Moehamed, and I herewith offer him an apology.
It's no legitimate excuse, but I've been very ill for a long time, and it's irritating. I let my mood get in the way of my manners, and I'm sorry.
Jan31-12, 02:45 AM
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I was going to say it was a bit of a narky response. It contained a good point though.

OEMs spending millions in consulting; teams of people and years of testing still can't get it to work well even when they can design the car around the control system.

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