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Simultaneous Laplace transforms

by hurcw
Tags: laplace, simultaneous, transforms
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Feb15-12, 10:03 PM
P: 20
I have to try and solve the following simultaneous Laplace transform problem and don't really know which path to take can someone give me a nudge in the right direction please.

dx/dt=4x-2y & dy/dt=5x+2y given that x(0)=2, y(0)=-2
this is what i have so far for dx/dt=4x-2y

And for dy/dt=5x+2y
Not really sure where to go from here, or even if this is correct.
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Some Pig
Feb16-12, 05:42 AM
P: 38
Feb16-12, 08:56 AM
P: 20
Can you ellaborate a little please.
Where did this all come from?

Some Pig
Feb16-12, 10:10 PM
P: 38
Simultaneous Laplace transforms

Feb16-12, 11:20 PM
P: 20
Thats great, thanks alot.
Just out of interest where has the 2s in X come from and the 18 - 2s in Y come from, i can work out the bottom lines. sorry if i appear stupid but it is 5.20am.
From there i can use partial fractions to determine the inverse Laplace transform (I think anyway).
Feb18-12, 04:05 PM
P: 20
I get the 2s & the 18-2s.
Am i correct in thinking these sre complex roots and by definition are quite complex to solve especially the 18-2s one.?
any help is appreciated
Feb20-12, 03:24 PM
P: 20
I need to then try and find the inverse Laplace transform of X & Y can anyone assist me in telling me if i am close with:-

This forum has been more than helpful so far and is highy recommended

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