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Queen's for Master's?

by Sabariel
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Feb11-12, 10:57 AM
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I'm just finishing up my undergrad physic with a specialization in nuclear and particle physics. Looking forward to grad school.

Does Queen's have a good graduate physics program?


I've received what looks like a great offer from Queen's for my Master's, working on the SNO+ project. I've also applied at UBC because of TRIUMF.

Now, I know UBC is highly ranked. But there are other factors in this decision.

On the financial side, cost of living in Kingston is about half that of Vancouver. I'm a homebody, so I'm not worried about the lack of "things to do" in Kingston. Throw in the huge difference in TA hour requirements (108hrs/semester at Queen's vs about 160hrs/semester at UBC), and that means a lot less first year labs to grade, which means more time for my own studies.

Also, I'm not good with big cities. I have a couple cats that I'm not willing to give up, and it's impossible to find housing near UBC campus that allows pets. So I'd be looking at a 90 minute commute from Surrey or Burnaby, which is less than appealing. In the middle of winter, I found 6 apartments under $800 within walking distance to Queen's. I assume that would go up in the summer.
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Feb16-12, 11:24 AM
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Yes, SNO+ is a very prestigious project, and Kingston is a wonderful city to live in, despite what the Toronto kids will tell you.

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