Molecular Dynamic with LAMMPS

by solaar_junior
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May9-12, 06:37 AM
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Hi; I'm a new user of molecular dynamic code LAMMPS and I have a problem when I want first to compute samples problems.I beg erverybody who have already work with lammps to help me. When I want to compute the first examples called COLLOID; an error occurs like: "invalid pair_style".I would like to understand what means.

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Useful nucleus
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May9-12, 07:24 AM
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Hi solaar_junior ,

I used LAMMPS at some point, I recall that this error means that there is a syntax error in the line that defines the interatomic potential.
For something well-known and widely used like LAMMPS, I highly recommend copying the error message from the screen and pasting it in google. This way you will see plenty of discussions about this error message from the LAMMPS mailing list. In otherwords, LAMMPS mailing list is your most useful resource. Futhermore, folks in this list are responsive and very helpful.

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