Suggestions for sources with detailed calculations in quantum field theory.

by arroy_0205
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Nov14-12, 06:05 AM
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Can you suggest any source available on internet which may be particularly helpful for those studying/brushing up knowledge of classical or quantum field theory without help of any teacher or friend? Some calculations are at first not so straightforward and there are many types of calculations requiring special tricks and caution to get the correct answer. Most books do not show all the intermediate steps of calculations perhaps because such books are meant to be used under guidence of teachers who are supposed to help the students by showing detailed steps in the classroom. But those with practically no such help face difficulty. Is there any help on internet for such students?
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Nov14-12, 09:25 AM
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What is your mathematical/physical background? Are you sure to be enough prepared for QFT? The point is that usually most books don't perform explicit calculation because they are often rather long and an average student can do it by himself.
However, according to my experience a very good book with an accettable number of explicit calculations is Halzen & Martin - "Quarks and Leptons". It is quite explicit in the first part, when you need it to be.
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Nov14-12, 11:30 AM
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I agree that an average student should be able to do the calculations but perhaps at initial stage he or she may need some assistance. (At least someone like me would need.) I would consider standard qft books at the level of Peskin and Schroeder.

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Nov14-12, 12:53 PM
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Suggestions for sources with detailed calculations in quantum field theory.

You can get Srednicki's book for free, and try to find the solutions manual somewhere

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