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Computer power supply help.Want to know haw strong supply i need for my pc hardware.

by Robot3
Tags: pc hardware, power yupply
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Feb6-13, 04:11 AM
P: 5
Excuse my poor Englishe.
My power suply stop working, and now i use from neiborgh old suply, but this is too low for all component on my computer.
So will you tell me haw strong pover suply i need to use?
My computer is old, and use ATX suply.
I have, matherboard, 3Gb rams, cameras, microphone, one dvd rw disc, now i use one hard 80Gb, but i have twoo moor, one from 80 Gb too, and one of 250Gb, which i can use, because i dont have enough power in suply. :S
Their is modem too, and rest of standard PC hardver.
I plan to buy new one, but dont know hav strong i need.
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Feb6-13, 09:40 AM
P: 292
Given what you have listed, it doesn't look like you need too much power. I would suggest getting a 500W power supply.

My personal preference is Corsair branded power supplies.

get this one or something in a similar range.
Feb6-13, 10:01 AM
P: 5
Thanx on advice, this is old computer, and don hawe too much need for power.

Feb6-13, 10:11 AM
P: 292
Computer power supply help.Want to know haw strong supply i need for my pc hardware.

The good part about this power supply is that it is a 20+4 pin so it will fit several different motherboards. If you do get a new computer in the future, you can always remove this power supply and put it in the new one and save a little bit.

Given that you don't have a video card, you can actually use a smaller supply (maybe 400-450W) but then it will be harder to reuse (newer computers generally have a higher requirement) or sell second hand. 500W is generally a good middle ground.
Feb6-13, 11:02 AM
P: 5
I have video card, one old Radeon. But this i put within rest of pc hardver, so i dont nead to write all component. My motherboard use 20 pin for it self, and 4 pin for CPU, because it use ATX suply. But this suply you send link is little to expend for me. In my Coutri is crises, and i dont work. :S
Do you know where to find suply which are not so expensive?
Feb6-13, 11:10 AM
P: 292
Here's another power supply option for you

The reason i suggested the corsair is because they make high quality power supplies. The power supply is the most important and valuable component on your system because it provides the power. Any large fluctuations in power can damage components that are more expensive like your CPU or your motherboard.
There is a risk involved with taking cheaper power supplies and thats why I didn't suggest this one first.

It's not as good as the corsair but it is better than the generic ones. If I was you, I wouldn't go any cheaper than this because the quality of the device is questionable.
Feb6-13, 11:22 AM
P: 5
This is moor aceptable suply. And it is with 500 W.
I know this about fluctuation, and damaging component. But if you dont have mony, you cand buy best, and need to find moor aceptable even if it have greater risk of making damage. Now i onlie need to find this suply in my country. :S And this is pain.

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