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Not sure this is the right thread for this?

by Schrodinger's Dog
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Schrodinger's Dog
Jan10-06, 10:22 AM
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A general unification of magnetism&gravity and Strong and weak forces?

Saw an article in New scientist about this theory and how it's being experimented on as we speak? Is there anything to it, or is it a flight of fancy? I'm sure someone has some knowledge of this theory, even apparently NASA are interested in it? What do you think?

If your gonna debunk it, please no heavy maths, Don't think my calculus skills could handle it
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Jan10-06, 10:27 AM
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It seems no one's really sure what to think. Look at
I'm skeptical, but apparantly a lot of people are taking this seriously.
Schrodinger's Dog
Jan10-06, 10:36 AM
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Thanks, if this is not just a pipe dream, it would be extremely exciting, I'll leave interpreting the math untill I've studied a bit more, for now I'll take their intepratations on board

Jan14-06, 01:14 AM
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Not sure this is the right thread for this?

Let's continue further discussion of this idea in the main PF thread on the topic.

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