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Help in Split step fourier method

by Johnbasko
Tags: fourier, method, split, step
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Feb11-09, 11:01 AM
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Hello all,

I have short question at the end , but i wil gve short background.

The subject is regarding the split step fourier method (SSFM) adn i will be gratefull if someone who know the method can help.

i have the set of 2 equations:



where: P, U are the function need to be find P(z,t) U(z,t)

i = sqrt(-1) a=constant

I try to do the split step fourier method (SSFM) on this set, the problem is that the first equation derivative are from order 2, and in all the examples i saw it was from order 1.

I try to seperate to linear part and nonlinear part:

for the first equation:


U_nonlinear_tt= i*P-(P^2)*U

and for the second equation:



now when i try to do the fourier transform at the linear part, for the U function, it is problem because the derivative is second order.

if it was from first order the fourier transform for the linear part becomes:


how do i modified it on my case when the derivative is second order ?

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May24-09, 06:57 AM
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I try to do the split step fourier method (SSFM)

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