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by ymhtr
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Aug20-09, 01:17 AM
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Is there any software that shows the frequency of audio input as digital display?Tuner softwares can not read frequencies above 1 khz regularly.The following link is an example of a tuner screenshot.
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Aug25-09, 07:09 PM
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There is a good program called "Spectran" which will give you a frequency up to about 15 KHz.
You could use a prescaler if you wanrted to go higher.

The display is mainly a "waterfall" which is sort of a moving spectrum display but it also gives the frequency of the strongest signal very accurately.

You can measure the frequency of other signals in the display just by putting your mouse pointer on them.

It gives the frequencies but not in big red numbers. It is just normal size printing.
Easy to see, though.

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