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How to install/run this program in an Hp 50g

by Vasheer
Tags: .dir, .src, hp 50g, root locus
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Aug17-10, 04:25 PM
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Hi all

I just bought a 50g and dont know how to install tis one program for plotting root locus'.
Here is the address of the files ( . Im familliar with library instalations but this is beyond me because these files are only .dir and .src

So what do i do with them.

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Aug23-10, 07:21 AM
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A .DIR file is probably a calculator directory file. Send the file to your calculator, and then look in the VAR menu (or use the FILER and find the menu). You should see the directory which contains the programs.
Sep1-10, 04:59 AM
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i have succeed the installing and starting program by your informations. but this time i couldn't succeed opearating the program. for example i installed called LARCH Analisis Estructural 2D y 3D program. i started it only and then program looked me and i looked it :)there was digits and (edit,view,stack,rcl,purge,clear) menus on screen. can't i find any user manual or guide about this programs. what can i do for learnig this programs...

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