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What should i do a project on?

by Theo1
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Nov15-10, 05:21 PM
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I have to to do project of between 4000-6000 words and give a 15 min presentation at the end of can be on WHATEVER I LIKE...i have until May so i have lots of time! However i have no idea what to do it on.

I am 18 and going to study Physics/ Astrophysics/ Natural science next year at university so not anything TOO complicated, however i would like to make it close to university standard as it a national project. I am very interested in quantum physics (quarks mainly), relativity and astronomy - however not so much in Biology and Chemistry.

Thoughts sofar are:
Time travel (time dilation)
Space Colonization - of moon/ mars/ space stations

Could you give your opinions on these topics but also suggest a few more that i could explore!
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Nov15-10, 06:36 PM
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Sounds cool! I always though QCD was a very interesting area of research perhaps you can gain an understanding and study its applications.

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