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Stoichiometry Help

by gokugreene
Tags: stoichiometry
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Feb17-05, 07:45 PM
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Hey could you guys tell me whether I am on the right track with this or not.

First Problem:
A tablespoon of sugar, [tex]C_1_2H_2_2O_1_1[/tex], weighs 2.85g.
A.) How many moles of sugar are there in a tablespoon?

Do I calculate the molar mass of sugar in grams and then divide 2.85g by the molar mass? To give me the moles?

Also, if I were to calculate how many grams of O there are in 2.85g of sugar would I just multiply the number of moles in 2.85g of sugar by the molar mass of oxygen times the number of oxygen atoms?

Second Problem:
Sample A is [tex]1.555~x~10^{-5}[/tex] mole of [tex]AlK (SO_4)_2~12H_2O[/tex]
A.) How many grams of O are present?
Do I start by multipliying [tex]1.555~x~10^{-5}[/tex] by the molar mass of [tex]AlK (SO_4)_2~12H_2O[/tex]??

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Feb17-05, 11:54 PM
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double-post. Question answered in homework help (K12).

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