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Why does some key pair for RSA return same value

by f24u7
Tags: pair, return
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Feb17-13, 12:57 AM
P: 46
There are certain key pairs of RSA that will return the same exact value when encrypt and decrypt, for example (5,7) and (13,19)

is there a mathematical pattern that describes this behavior?

Any advice would be appreciated
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Mar3-13, 11:27 AM
P: 18
What convention are you using? The only one I've seen is (encoding exponent, modulus), but [itex]2^5 \equiv 4 \pmod 7[/itex] and [itex]2^7 \equiv 3 \pmod 5[/itex], so I presume I have misunderstood your question. Can you give a more specific example?

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