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Simple question... simple answer

by phr34k
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Jun13-05, 05:53 PM
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is there a difference between plasma and plasmoid, if so what is it?

thanks for the help
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Jun13-05, 07:16 PM
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If I'm not mistaken, a plasmoid is simply a hot plasma ball.
Jun13-05, 07:46 PM
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thanks that about answers it...


Jun13-05, 07:50 PM
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Simple question... simple answer

Quote Quote by Gokul43201
If I'm not mistaken, a plasmoid is simply a hot plasma ball.
Are you sure that it has to be hot? I've heard 'ball lightning' and similar effects being referred to as plasmoids, and they don't all appear to have any significant temperature to them. There does appear to be some sort of cohesion, though.

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