Is There an AutoCAD Alternative?

by mathwurkz
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Jun16-05, 11:30 AM
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Title says it all. I am wondering if there is any kind of freeware/shareware software that does the same thing AutoCAD does? I am taking an class and it is a level one course. The scope of the course only focuses on two dimensional drawings so the alternative doesn't have to be all that sophisticated in functionality.
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Jun16-05, 02:03 PM
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There are really cheap CAD packages at your local Office Depot, Office Max, computer type stores. I can't believe that there isn't a student version in the university/college book store for next to nothing.
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Jun25-05, 01:29 AM
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Qcad seems to fit the bill.

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Feb13-08, 04:46 AM
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Is There an AutoCAD Alternative?

I am an experienced Cad user and I love Progecad 2008 (smart). I worked with Autocad , UG Nx, Solid works, an inventor. All those programms are 5 to 20 times more expensive when you buy them for professional use.This program is a very priceworthy alternative to autocad 2008. And the best part: it's free for private use! No limitations. The program runs under windows vista as well. Progecad 2008 has all the features of autocad 2008... and more. Almost the same procedures and commands makes it very easy to get used to the program if you have used autocad before.

The only thing I don't really like is the autosnap function.
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Feb13-08, 07:12 AM
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If you're taking a class, look at the student version of AutoCAD. It really depends on what you're looking for. Do you just want to produce 2D drawings or do you want a specific skill?
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Apr3-09, 12:22 AM
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I've heard abotu VariCAD but never tried it.
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Mar4-10, 08:50 PM
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Most of the autocad alternatives are based on a dwg library called intelicad.
They give you the autocad command line and pretty much all the features of about autocad 2000.
There is generally one that is free for personal use, or some free limited demo.
Just look for the intellicad logo.

There used to be a free clone of Pro-eng called Pro-desktop, but it was bought out by Pro-eng a few years ago. There might be some copies on the net somewhere.
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May3-10, 02:47 PM
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define "does the same thing as" .. There's always Google's Sketch-up, surprised that hasn't been mentioned.. and writeup
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May7-11, 05:37 AM
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progeCAD 2009 is another good free alternative to AutoCAD LT. progeCAD 2009 is freeware version of progeCAD. This version is completely free for private home use. It can easily read and write .DWG files. If you have used AutoCAD LT, you will find it very intuitive to use progeCAD 2009. It comes with some advanced features like smart snap option, block-in-place editing, AutoCAD style plot interface, entity dependent content menu

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