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Mentors and their assigned forums

Mentor Rank: A PF mentor is a member who has been chosen by current mentors and administrators because of their demonstration of unparalleled commitment to PF, extensive scientific knowledge in a certain field, and perceived ability to be able to effectively moderate discussions on PF and run the day to day operations of the community. The mentors help maintain the high-quality scientific discussion that makes PF famous! Many of the mentors are professional scientists and graduate students. Mentors are distinguished by a green name in their posts on the forums and a "PF Mentor" label underneath their name. The Physics Forums mentors are listed under the "Members" dropdown at the top of any PF page.

Science Education
gneil, Chestermiller, Mark44

Doc Al, Dalespam, Nugatory, PeterDonis


mfb, jedishrfu

Astronuc, berkeman, Chestermiller, russ_watters

Other Sciences
Ryan_m_b, borek, jtbell, jim mcnamara


NascentOxygen, DrClaude, fresh_42