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Thread Level Prefixes

Today we are introducing thread level prefixes in the "physics" forums (expansion to other forums will follow). They will allow thread starters to better express their own sophistication and that of the content they are posting. The the flip side it helps browsers equally understand the level of the poster and content. It will also allow browser the ability to scan and filter for the thread level they are interested in. On the forum list you'll see the level prefixes to the left of the title. B = Basic (High School), I = Intermediate (Undergrad), A = Advanced (Grad+). [ATTACH=full]86268[/ATTACH] Members posting new threads in the "physics" forums will be asked to select a level. Staff may correct the level afterwards as they see fit. [ATTACH=full]86266[/ATTACH] Members may filter thread levels by using this tool. Also you may select the thread list prefixes as well. [ATTACH=full]86267[/ATTACH]