How to post

Important: When you want to ask a question, do not send a visitor message, do not ask in the library, do not post to another existing thread. You need to start a new thread.

Getting started: To start a new thread at this forum, you first need to go to the appropriate forum. You'll find a list of forums at our main page at When you have reached an appropriate forum, you click the "NEW TOPIC" button as displayed in the image below:

New Thread

If you do not wish to start a new thread, but merely reply to a post, then you should first go to the thread you wish to reply to. Then click the "QUOTE" button that is circled in the image below:

New Reply

Do not use the "Report" button for posting replies (the report button is the one which is crossed out in the previous image). This button sends a message to the mentors (moderators), and is used for reporting posts that you think violate our rules.

Some important remarks:
1) Homework questions and homework-style questions always belong in the homework forums: