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    What are some of your favorite science-fiction novels?

    Hello all, Well read Sci Fi fan here so ill give some of my favourites: Larry Niven is mentioned but only his Ringworld series - A mote in Gods Eye was a good read. Peter F Hamilton has been mentioned above - big fan of the Void and Commenwealth series of books. Arthur C Clarke Love...
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    Occupying Space

    This. Just this. I love reading these posts about colonising space. Especially funny about growing our own food in space - because we have done such a good job at understanding/protecting ecosystems on earth. I love the trivialisation of economical and technical requirements. Although I...
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    Infinite Universe?

    I think what Cronos mentioned about a temporal cutoff is pretty important. Space may very well be infinite but time (at least as we understand it) is not infinite and holds little relevance once we get to Planck times and physics just breaks down. I may be wrong but I think that: Even if...
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    Warp drive and bubble

    Are you being ignorant on purpose? There are no "theoretical" videos on warp drives because that would require a theory in the first place. Any proposals for Alcubierre drives (Warp drives) possess about as much scientific theory as my own idea that only invisible pigs can fly and that why we...
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    Stephen Hawking's did god Create the Universe discovery documentary

    Maybe so but to claim a "bitter man lashing out at the unfairness of his life" has about as much validity and authority as Hawkings opinions on god. Any scientist has a right to take a public stance on God, so long as they do not determine or promote their stance to be any more important or...
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    Stephen Hawking's did god Create the Universe discovery documentary

    I suspect he would not want nor require your pity.
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    Questions about Universe expansion

    The Earth is at the center of the Observable Universe but this doesnt imbue it with any preferential frame - all points are at the center of their own observable universe - due to the expansion of the Universe and the finite speed of light. The furthest places we can "see" do appear to be...
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    Is this possible? (regarding observable and actual size of universe)

    It is difficult to understand because the toplogy is dependant on curvature, The reason we theorise this is because the OU we observer is isotropic. This isotropy must extend beyond our Observable Universe otherwise if beyone our OU was a vastly different matter or energy distribution we...
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    Is this possible? (regarding observable and actual size of universe)

    Just to add to Ich and to my previous posts: Spatially, there are no preferred frames of reference, so no place in the Universe we can point to and say "that is the center" or "that is the egde". However there is a differed sort of edge to the Universe - that is a temporal edge, what this...
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    Is this possible? (regarding observable and actual size of universe)

    Hello, If we could stand at Planet X at the edge of our Observable Universe, then standing on Planet X we would once again be at the center of our observable Universe! Remember that the reason we can "see" anything is that the light has had time to reach us. If we were on Planet X we would...
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    On A Universe From Nothing

    I understand why you are reticent to verbalise this further - subteleties in language differences will leave different desciptions to different readers. However I do find this a strong idea and it is something I have thought about before. As you know I am no great (nor even good)...
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    How do we move around the sun?

    Yes he was. General Relativity encompasses a mathematical description of space time curvature created by mass or acceleration.
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    Size of the Universe just after Big Bang

    This is a tough question with only two possible outcomes: 1. If the Universe is infinite then at t=1s the Universe is still infinite 2. If the universe is finite then at t=1s the Universe is still finite Now I suppose we could look at possible lower bounds for estimated finite size, but...
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    What will Juice tell us about Europa?

    I am very interested in the Juice missions and I sincerely hope it goes ahead as planned and within budget. If we are ever going to find any non terrestrial life then I think the Jovian moons are the place to start - who knows: it may be that beneath the ice sheets of the J-moons are complex...
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    Which would you fund?

    I think Juice has more possibility of public appreciation/interest which will help funding. Also I think we really should get as much space travel under our belts as possible! As Ryan has said as well - Jupiters moons could hold immense amount of new information and possible even life!