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    Double integral, cylindrical coordinates

    So I plotted it out, and by inspection I concluded that the limits are: 0 \le r \le 3 0 \le z \le 3 0 \le \theta \le 2 \pi However, I can't get past the integral: \iiint_V r \sqrt{r^2 + z^2} \,dr\,dz\,d \theta gives \iint_V \frac{1}{3} (r^2 + z^2)^(3/2) \,dz\,d \theta...
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    Double integral, cylindrical coordinates

    Apologies but I still can't get it to work out. My limits are: 3 \le r \le z 3 \le z \le r 0 \le \theta \le 2 \pi I'm fairly sure this is wrong, but can't figure out the correct ones
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    Double integral, cylindrical coordinates

    Thanks for your reply! So am I correct in saying: 3 \le r \le 9 ? Correction: 3 \le r \le z ?
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    Double integral, cylindrical coordinates

    1. Homework Statement The problem states: Use cylindrical coordinates to evaluate \iiint_V \sqrt{x^2 +y^2 +z^2} \,dx\,dy\,dz where V is the region bounded by the plane z = 3 and the cone z = \sqrt{x^2 + y^2} 2. Homework Equations x = r cos( \theta ) y = r sin( \theta )...
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    Determine the most probable radius for a 2s orbital (Hydrogen atom)

    Stuck on this problem also!! I get to a stage where I get a massive cubic equation...I'm assuming I've gone wrong somewhere... Any help? Or any online resources where the problem is worked through...?
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    Circuit breaker problem

    I was thinking along the lines of this, but I noticed that on each circuit breaker it says 20A and there are around 30 of them. Does that make a difference?
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    Circuit breaker problem

    Haha yeah it is the electrical panel, but its actually made of metal. I still don't understand why that fuse blew instead of one of the circuit breakers switching?
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    Circuit breaker problem

    Thanks dlgoff for the prompt reply. I'm not too sure about this. Would the circuit breakers not already be hot considering I had many devices on at the time? Thanks Ed
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    Circuit breaker problem

    Hi all! I have an issue with the circuit breaker in my house and was wondering would anyone be able to shed some light on whats going on. So last night, I plugged in the hoover and all the electrical devices in my house switched off. I wasn't surprised as I had many devices on at the time so I...
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    Mathematica Prompt user to enter mathematical function

    Hi all, I am trying to prompt the user to enter a mathematical function in matlab. Any suggestions on how to do this? I have looked at the inline functions but I am not sure how to code it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Ed
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    Vector division or inversion May be of help jasper...
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    Analytical Mechanics: An Introduction

    Bump Any recommendations for a text which provides an introduction to Lagrangian mechanics and continues on to Hamiltonian mechanics?
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    Conservation of charge problem

    Hi Sarah, Ok so I think you should revise the principle of conservation of charge. In this case, a useful approach would be to remember that the charge on the left hand side of an equation is equal to the charge on the right hand side of the equation. For example, analyse question a) p...
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    Where was the big bang singularity?

    Everywhere and nowhere! Our entire foundation is the cosmological principle, telling us that no point in the Universe is special. If there was a particular point where the "Bang" happened, that would clearly be a special point and violate the cosmological principle. Rather, space and time...
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    Gold and Silver

    Well there are only a few properties that differ greatly between gold and silver. For example atomic weight/number and therefore its specific gravity, boiling point... I'm guessing the solution will be of some relevance to Archimedes... So I feel that you're on the right track by measuring the...