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    What is v/o?

    Homework Statement 1. Consider a mixture consisting of 5 v/o 239Pu and 95 v/o 23Na. Using the g′ = 1, . . . Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Is v/o volume percent? I have never ran across this notation before and am not too sure how to handle it. I tried googling it...
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    News Recent Ship to Gaza turmoil

    I am interested to see how Israel handles this. Has Israel made any statements regarding this?
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    News Recent Ship to Gaza turmoil

    Here is the story from yesterday about the convy: So in other words this was more of a publicity to try to provoke Isreal (success).
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    News Virginia Speed Limits

    In my state, the speed limit is also 65, but it would be reckless driving to go below 75 due to everyone else going 80+. I think are speeding tickets are about a third of yours though.
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    News We have given in to terrorism

    Muslims - Christians - Catholics- Mormons- Jews - Athiests-...
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    A high schooler looking for some complicated physics problems

    For Classical Mechanics, I would look at Morin's book:
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    Courses Why are there so few General Relativity courses?

    At my school, there is a two quarter GR series offered by the math department. I just happened to stubble upon it the other day. It seems to only be offered every few years.
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    I Just Failed

    I would talk to your professor. Some professors will give you a few options (ex if you show a significant improvement on the final, ill drop your midterm grade) and some professors will wave you off. Either way it doesn't hurt to talk. Also, you should determine why you got such a low score...
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    Programs BS/MS at one school PhD at another?

    Hello all, I am thinking about purusing the BS/MS option in nuclear engineering at my university. However, the NE department at my school is small and I am not exactly sure if my research interests really line up with any of the professors here. I am not sure yet if I do want to pursue a...
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    News Kirk Cameron plans to re-distribute The Origin of Species

    I ended up missing the giveaway yesterday. They were finished and off campus by noon. Oh well, not a huge loss.
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    2012 movie -

    I saw it last night, and over all I was a little dissapointed. Part of it could have been that I saw it at midnight and didn't realise that it was a 3 hour movie.
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    Calculating Fourier Coefficients

    Homework Statement Determine the fourier coefficients of the 3-periodic function and determine how many terms needed to keep 3 digit accuracy. f(t) = 1/2(1-Cos[Pi t]), for 0<t<1 f(t) = 1, for 1<t<2 f(t) = 1/2(1-Cos[Pi(t-3)]), for 2<t<3 Homework Equations For the cos...
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    Hostile non-smokers

    Reminds me of south park (the sound is horrible. It gets slightly better later on).
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    Topics in your first physics year.

    I did not take physics in high school. In high school, I thought I wanted to be a doctor, so I took every bio course my school offered and opted out of physics. Not exactly sure if I regret it. The first quarter of physics in college was brutal, but I rebounded fairly well after that.
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    Shrines and crosses

    This looks almost exactly like the one my grandma has! The frame is made of wood, but it is starting to show signs of deterioration.