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Programs BS/MS at one school PhD at another?

  1. Nov 28, 2009 #1
    Hello all,

    I am thinking about purusing the BS/MS option in nuclear engineering at my university. However, the NE department at my school is small and I am not exactly sure if my research interests really line up with any of the professors here. I am not sure yet if I do want to pursue a doctorate after masters but I would like to keep that option. Are there any big obstacles in getting a masters at one school, and then apply for a doctorate some where else?
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    No other than the PhD program telling you to retake classes at their university when you get in.
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    No, you can do a masters at one school and a PhD at another, but like Pengwuino said, many will require you to retake a good number of masters classes and you'll still have to pass their qualifying exam. Also, doing a masters thesis is often a very good thing to have for admission to a PhD program - but many BS/MS programs don't give you that option.
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