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    Coefficent of friction for a box moving at cosntant speed

    a = 0? so it means they are the same force?? So it means all we need is to use the Ff equation now.
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    Coefficent of friction for a box moving at cosntant speed

    Homework Statement A horizontal force fo 190N is needed to pull a 70kg box across a horizontal floor at a constant speed. What is the coefficent of friction between the box and the floor? Homework Equations Fnet = ma The Attempt at a Solution My setup is F - F_f = m*a But I...
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    Find the final temperature of water

    Thanks. But if all Qs are negative, unknown delta T is x = 13.6575 It is still above the boiling point though. I thought it was safe to assume that it is no longer steam, but water, fully in liquid form.\\ Here is my setup -423000 = (-2260 * 175g) + (-2.0 * 50 *175) + (-4.184 * 175 * x) x =...
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    Find the final temperature of water

    Homework Statement What is the final temperature of water if 175 g steam at 150 C loses 423 KJ of energy? Homework Equations Q = M *C_p * Δ T Q = m * heat of (phase_change) The Attempt at a Solution This is how I would go about solving this problem. Going from steam to water requires...
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    Prove absorption law

    Homework Statement Prove the absorption law A U (A and B) = A Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I need to prove the sets are equal. I don't know how to prove the right hand as a subset of the left hand. For left hand as subset of right hand, it's pretty simple (we can define...
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    Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science

    I can't believe that when I find this thread through Google someone has made new response. I actually need to decide between CpE and CS, since I am a raising Junior. I used to think that CpE will give you the a very good overview of how digital system operate, and it was the reason that put me...
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    GPA: Can you be too perfect?

    Good point. Social norm. But does your statement imply that you would in a room for 18 hours 7 days a week?
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    Schools Does anyone know which college math course uses conics the most?

    Conic... as you've mentioned: parabola. I think you have learned about parabola in high school. Maybe not every property because the main purpose of high school education is to provide a general overview of mathematics to the students, so proofs and stating every property may not be all that...
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    GPA: Can you be too perfect?

    Your username fits this... viscosity. Haha. Yeah. Grade inflation is a common problem, but as long as you have a high, consistent GPA....
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    Learning Python

    I don't have any experiences with either book. IMO you should always start with C++. It's just a personal view that it is better to attack the common programming stuff and then go to a more laid-back rapid development type programming language (Python can be quite weird to an experienced...
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    GRE Vocabulary List Helpful?

    I see. But from what I understand if you can't do well on your general even with excellent scores on your subject your chance will be a lot lower...
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    What are your feelings about long gaps between classes & waiting on campus

    I second this. 10 hours of gap. Definitely get an on-campus job.... at least take out 3 hours.
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    How can I maintain my motivation to solve problems?

    Man. Stop picking on my poor performance :[ . I know. It's an effort. :tongue:
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    How can I maintain my motivation to solve problems?

    Interesting suggestion. This can really lead to a good result. If you arrange a study group with the classmates / friends, it is your responsibility to do the homework ASAP, and expect to help each other out. The chatting part can consume time, and should avoid as much as possible. But if you...
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    Worried About Physics

    It's good... keep for aiming for A. But please also lower your expectation. It's always good to have a goal, but sometime reality just doesn't ..... WILL NOT SETTLE can turn against you later. The right way is probably "I will not stop aiming for A" Me.. But it is never too late to do the...