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    NASA NASA's crazy mars idea!

    It is much easier to build the station over there, after we have an areoestrial base. Sending a station from Earth-orbit to Mars-orbit is pretty damned expensive, fuel-wise and economically. The gravity well of Mars is much less steep than ours, meaning less fuel (and less cash!) is needed to...
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    Does anyone have any liquid fuel rocket plans?

    I would advise you to take -extreme- caution when building liquid-fuel rockets. When, not if, something goes wrong, you'd best be behind sturdy concrete. John Carmack is and he has plenty of information regarding the construction of rockets...
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    New Shuttle concepts from Europe

    Funny, I always thought that the main cause of trouble has been the shuttle-orbiter. It is mostly useless, dead weight. Get rid of the orbiter, you get rid of a whole series of problems. This is a very interesting consideration. If the boosters exploding is your concern, notice that the...
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    Solid Rocket Fuel

    I dabbled a little in solid-fuel rocketry. I managed to make a compressed form of potassium-nitrate from TreeStump Remover(™) and confectioners sugar, but I opted for a simplistic uncompressed mixture of both chemicals in the end. The flexibility of nitrous oxide as an oxidizer is stunning...
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    Space Shuttle moon orbit

    This looks promising. Indeed, the elimination of the orbiter vehicle itself seems to be quite an advantage. With the SRBs you have a nice Apollo-esque man-rated launcher, not to mention heavy lift capability that rivals the Saturn V. Is it just me or did Luna and Mars just get closer...
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    RTG Plans needed.

    Pursue it? Hah! I'd need to have access to nuclear facilities, not to mention ludicrous amounts of money. I started this topic more than a year ago, in a time when I was naive and didn't understand how complicated such a device was. I'm surprised this topic is still going strong, despite my long...
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    Giant nuclear powered combustion engine

    You could consider Project ORION a nuclear-piston engine, without the engine-proper. :tongue:
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    What would cause a black hole to explode?

    If I recall correctly, the only thing that can make a black hole explode is another black hole. I am unsure of the parameters, or the variables involved, but I'd guess they would have to be around the same size. Hmm. I'm wondering if 1-dimensional singularities (cosmic string) will do the...
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    Waves in Space

    Space is space. Mechanical/acoustic waves cannot travel through a lack of material medium. I'll avoid an obvious cliche.
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    Voyagers - - you're fired?

    Cheer up! Vacuum is great for long-term storage, and I sure hope that by the end of this century someone will catch up to the Voyagers and Pioneers and give them each a swift relativistic kick in the rear.
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    Heat Death

    If there is Zero-Point-Energy, no. I need to check that up myself.
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    Heat Death

    I've been reading some of Stephen Baxter's Manifold and Xeelee Sequence stories, and quite a few of them deal with the "upcoming" Heat Death. What a depressing future. Personally, I've always felt a bit skeptical about the Heat Death. Although the surviving particles are still rather far...
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    Need help to propulse a small bolid

    What exactly is a bolid? Is it some sort of vehicle? If so, then read the following text. If not, ignore everything I said. A small CO2 cannister will work, though I'd recommend you have someone qualified to supervise your integration of the can into your bolid. Mind that CO2 cans should...
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    Space Shuttle moon orbit

    Sounds a lot like Moonseed, by Stephen Baxter. His novel has a desperate trip to the Moon in only a matter of weeks, using current-market rockets and equipment. I'd suggest giving it a read. I would also recommend looking into nuclear pulsed propulsion. There is a book by George Dyson (son of...
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    Non-defense Aerospace jobs?

    Burt Rutan of Scaled Composites runs a civilian aerospace firm out in the Mojave, and he just recently won the X-Prize. I am unsure if he is hiring, but it might do you well to take a look into it. In fact, I think most of the former X-Prize competitors are worth looking into: Non-military...