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    Quick question: eigenfunctions

    I'm doing quantum mechanics with only a little experience in linear algebra. I've been working on eigenstates/values/functions/whatever for a couple days but still having a little trouble. Here's a question I had recently, and if anyone can do a quick check of my work and point me in the right...
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    Double delta-function potential

    Hello, recently I had a problem in QM involving a double delta-function potential. A bunch of qualitative questions were asked, some of which were obvious to me immediately, some of which I made an educated guess on, and others I totally guessed. I'm following Griffiths' textbook in studying QM...
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    Writing Lagrangian

    Thanks, that was my primary question. I'm always a little worried when I'm doing problems like this, that the different parts of the system are actually interacting with each other, and I'll forget term(s) in the kinetic energy.
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    Writing Lagrangian

    Homework Statement I worked a textbook problem earlier where I had to write the Lagrangian for a pendulum (of mass m and length l) connected to a massless support moving along the x-axis. I chose the angle theta as my generalized coordinate, since the problem specified that the acceleration of...
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    Surface integral without using Gauss's Theorem

    Homework Statement Find the value of the surface integral \intA \bullet da, where A = xi - yj + zk, over the surface defined by the cylinder c2 = x2 + y2. The height of the cylinder is h. Homework Equations I found the answer quite easily using Gauss's theorem, as the divergence of the...
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    Shrodinger Equation for Multiple Particles

    Homework Statement Five identical non-interacting particles are placed in an infinite square well with width L = 1 nm. I am asked to find the energy of the system if the particles are electrons. Homework Equations The time-independent Schrodinger equation for a system of two particles...
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    Loop Equation in Circuit

    Homework Statement What is the magnitude i in the figure below, if all resistances are 4 ohms, and all batteries are ideal with an emf of 12.4 V? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I realize I...