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    Engineering Thevenin Equivalent Circuit

    Yes, it is a talking book haha. (Don't know how to do that quote thing you did) Correct me if I am wrong but because the current source is the load, I thought I just turn it into an open circuit then solve for resistance from there. I could just be not understand the whole process...
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    Engineering Thevenin Equivalent Circuit

    Homework Statement Problem located in attachment. Homework Equations Parallel, series and wheatstone bridge equations for resistors The Attempt at a Solution Converted the circuit to look less confusing. Work shown in other attachment. I am simply using the equations relating to simplifying...
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    Engineering Circuits dependent sources

    Sorry for the repost, but i don't think ti got though on my last reply. Here's the JPEG*
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    Engineering Circuits dependent sources

    I made it on paint, here's a PNG file.
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    Engineering Circuits dependent sources

    Homework Statement Determine Vy in the circuit of the below figure: (In attachment) Homework Equations ohms law resistance adding equations for parallel and series The Attempt at a Solution So I found Vx=(1.2A)(5ohms) = 6v Afterwards I computed the current supplier: (6)(0.1)=0.6...
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    First order linear differential equations

    Homework Statement dy/dt=y((3t^2)-1), y(1)=-2 Homework Equations Basic integrals The Attempt at a Solution integrate on both sides: dy/y=dt((3t^2)-1) ========>ln(y)=(t^3)-t+c ========>y=e^((t^3)-t+c) ========>y=e^((t^3)-t)e^(c) I am not sure if its some e rule that I forgot...
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    [Multivariable Calculus] Flux and Maple Program

    Homework Statement It would help if you guys had access to Maple Anyways here is the problem: It is on question 12 asking for flux and the questions after that. Homework Equations In the link The...
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    Wire for a coil gun

    I am making a coil gun for my physics project and I am wondering if it is better to use a thick wire or a thin wire for the coiling process. (both are magnetic wire) Also, when I coil it, am I supposed to make only one layer of coil as opposed to several layers? Thanks in advance.
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    Complex Eigenvalues

    Homework Statement A 3x3 matrix with all 9 of the numbers being .3 Find all the eigenvalues. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I worked through it and I ended up with (l=lamda) l^3-.9l^2+.54l-.162=0 With my calculator I found one of the values, which means that there...
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    Finding basis of spaces and dimension

    Can you explain to me how d=a, since a+d=0? Also since I am actually having a hard time learning this on my own, can you tell me what you mean by "elements" and "linear sum"?
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    Finding basis of spaces and dimension

    Homework Statement Find a basis for each of the spaces and determine its dimension: The space of all matrices A=[a b, c d] (2x2 matrix) in R^(2x2) such that a+d=0 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution So I jumped at this question without knowing too much about spaces and...
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    Linear Algebra Help

    Homework Statement There are two questions in my problem set that are giving me a hard time: 1. The cross product of two vectors in R^3 is defined by [a1, a2, a3]X[b1, b2, b3]=[a2b3-a3b2, a3b1-a1b3, a1b2-a2b1] (they are all one column) Consider an arbitrary vector v in R^3. Is the...
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    System of equations, matrices

    Homework Statement Consider a linear system of four equations with three unknowns. We are told that the system has a unique solution. What does the rref of the co efficient matrix look like? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution When it says "unique solution" I'm going to...
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    Clarification on what is considered reduced row-echelon form

    Every leading coefficient is 1 and is the only nonzero entry in its column. From the looks of it, it looks like it follows those properties, but I'm just confused if it is still rref if everything is 0, since it doesn't have a leading 1.
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    Clarification on what is considered reduced row-echelon form

    According to wikipedia, it is: In linear algebra a matrix is in row echelon form if * All nonzero rows (rows with at least one nonzero element) are above any rows of all zeroes, and * The leading coefficient (the first nonzero number from the left, also called the pivot) of a...