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    What is the most respectable career?

    It's not that people cannot risk their lives, it is that they choose not to risk their lives and instead choose to do something productive outside of constantly jumping through burning debris to rescue Pam Anderson. The people who pick up trash have chosen a job that not even the bravest of...
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    Wouldn't growing trees solve Global Warming?

    Digging up dinosaur fossils won't solve the debate over the cause of the K/T, as such, planting trees won't solve the debate over global warming. Nothing in geology is cut and dry.
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    News Darfur - understanding

    The Chinese hold too much of the US's debt (and subsequently US dollars) for the US or any other 'european' nation to intervene. I think the UK is capable of stopping the genocide, as is the US and maybe France. Darfur, and Sudan for that matter, are greater strategic interests for Uganda...
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    News What to do about Iraq

    The outcome of the first world war was the set of countries we have in the Middle East today: Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, etc. Here we are 80 years later still fighting for this damned country. Why?
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    News What to do about Iraq

    Because everyone else is paying the US to fight this war. The Sauds helped finance this war and the first against Iraq. When demand runs dry, supply should then run dry as well. That at least is economics 101.
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    News What can $611 billion buy?

    $611 billion you could defend the freedom of the United States and defend people's right to criticize anything they want to, or you could build like 2 million bentley arnages.
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    Outrageous injustice

    We should go to war with them.
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    YouTube Classics

    Technical Difficulties with a cool interlude to the final solo"
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    News UN to Say It Overstated AIDS Cases.

    This sounds like it could be a major blow to the pharmaceutical industry and related industries who bank off such disaster scenarios as world AIDs epidemic or chicken fever.
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    News What to do about Iraq

    The US dollar is our foreign policy, and any nation holding the US dollar should know by now they are declaring their affairs to be inline with US policy or else suffer the consequences. Obviously something Saddam or some in Iraq did was not sitting well with the US policy at the time. It would...
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    Science/maths jobs?

    You should try Samuel Adams. You could study all night long, wake up and still not remember a damn thing.
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    Science/maths jobs?

    You should try Samuel Adams.
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    Science/maths jobs?

    lol the more revisions i make, the less of an original thinker i become.
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    News Iraq war going to cost us $8000 each

    That $2.4 trillion (however off the guess may be) is being spotted by the Chinese, who btw have like $1.5 trillion of our own; it is very much worth every penny. So if americans are not willing to purchase more bonds and boost this nations savings, then expect more of the same.
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    News What to do about Iraq

    wars are not won and fought because joe bizzle was elected el jefe of the name-the-section of the government. von clauseqitz says war is policy by other means, but america's action against iraq was proof that there is an international law. there is an international judge, jury and executioner.