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    What's in an electronics hobbyist's toolbox?

    Has anybody said coffee/Red Bull yet?
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    Motocross: Physics of the Scrub I know this may be old, but this also looks at some more physics behind the scrubbing. There seems to be a lot of physics going on in SuperCross, next you should look at the physics behind MotoGP Racers...
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    Physics is hard.

    Physics is hard.
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    I CMA (Cylindrical Mirror Analyzer)

    Yes, my understanding was that it was like a spectrometer but wasn't sure what the advantage was. I thought we were going to be looking at the diffraction grating, but you are correct. It's the Auger electrons we'll be looking at. I was looking more for a deeper understanding than conceptual on...
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    I CMA (Cylindrical Mirror Analyzer)

    I'm supposed to be working with a CMA (Cylindrical Mirror Analyzer), but I'm more interested in the physics behind it. This is the instrument in question that we are looking to get: We want it to look at different eV levels of different...
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    Arduino Line Follower Robot

    Interesting, I've never worked with a Lego Mindstorm, so each different color was able to be given a new function? And how did you account for turning? Did you slow down one of the motors? Or just turn it off? I always wanted to play around with a mindstorm when I was younger, but could never...
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    Arduino Line Follower Robot

    Yeah I found a really good one on there that really helped me out thanks!
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    Arduino Line Follower Robot

    I'm looking to build an Arduino that is capable of following a line depending on a colored strip on the ground, either black or white. I think I might use a LDR, but not quite sure where to even start to be honest. My office is having an Arduino contest, and I just want the Arduino to carry...
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    Associate in Science at NSTec

    Associate in Science at NSTec
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    Other Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences (alternative?)

    Do you have a recommendation of any other mathematical methods books that would be a bit easier to comprehend? I feel myself getting lost in the jumps boas does from explaining the basic concepts to jumping straight to certain complex ideas with little explanation.
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    B What is the definition of a plane?

    When you say sphere, do you mean a 3D sphere, or a 2D circle that lives on a plane. You can define the sphere itself as a plane, and in calc 3 you learn that you can define shapes and do "pull backs" or "push forwards" in which you can stretch an object/shape/line and make it one to one to a...
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    Other Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences (alternative?)

    Is there any alternative books that teach you how to just do the problems rather than emphasizing why, and is there any books that emphasize why in an easier format? Something like a "mathematical methods for dummies" book? This is the book I'm referring to (...
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    Applied Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences by Mary L. Boas

    I believe that with the use of Green's theorem and some other integration techniques, you will need to look at techniques from Calc 3 and at least gone through Calc 1 and Calc 2. I know you posted this long time ago, but perhaps a member reading this will have the same question. Cheers!
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    B What is the definition of a plane?

    I think you are thinking of it in reverse. You need things like linear algebra, planes, lines, etc. to define geometric shapes, not the other way around. Have you taken a multivariable course? Or have you heard of the idea of domains and sets of values living in a "neighborhood" of another...
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    Mass of half ball

    Oh okay, this clarified it for me, redid the problem and got it correctly, thank you! :woot: