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    Solar updraft tower: How small a working unit can be made?

    Pretty sure there are commercial ones already out there. I seem to recall some discussions here years ago about one in either the middle east or Australia? I don't think the economics are they now which why they're not more around. Fossil fuels are too cheap (especially recently). CS
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    Brainstorming for a self-directed class project

    I imagine it would depend on which class you're taking. Assuming it's a fluid mechanics or thermo class I would suggest one of the following: - drag reduction devices on cylindrical vessels (i.e., long vertical pipes in the ocean subjected to ocean currents) - gas bubble dynamics in...
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    Friction loss to vertical pipes in a closed system?

    Technically you should consider the elevation changes so you can size your pump correctly. I imagine that since it's a closed loop system that is being constantly recirculated that you'll end up with the same answer. Why not just run a couple of hand calcs and do one like you've been doing it...
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    Pipe wall thickness, barlow equation problem

    Can you describe the application a little bit? Are you using any particular codes (API, ASME, etc.)? Pipe burst pressures are determined using widely different safety factors depending on the code you're using and the application. Regardless, I don't recommend copying an example to perform...
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    Function of an accumulator with a pump

    Heat transfer in accumulators is a tricky thing actually. If you charge or discharge the accumulator slowly (assuming you're using reasonably low system pressure), then you can use the Ideal Gas Law and some other process like Isothermal to get a reasonable answer on the relationship between the...
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    Pressure Drop due to Vortex Shedding

    MIT has a bunch of data of VIV. Take a look here, it should give you a good starting point for your research: Hope this helps. CS
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    Strain Hardening vs Colding Rolling

    No. The elastic modulus is relatively insensitive to cold working. CS
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    Principal Virtual Work Theories - Cylindrical Pipe Application

    Principle of Virtual Work: I've never used this principle for determining collapse or bucking of pipe. API Bulletin 5C3 gives lots of guidance on how to determine pipe collapse resistance. Buckling is normally...
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    Pump flow rate question

    That's the max flow rate the pump can output at those specific pressures. So if your system has a higher back pressure than the pump can output, the flow rate will decrease. If the system back pressure is less than the rated pump pressure, the flow rate can increase. I would ask the...
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    Engineering Becoming an engineer at age 50

    You don't necessarily have to be employed by a company, you can always consult as well. If it's been your lifelong desire then nothing bad will come of it. CS
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    Calculating Fluid Dynamic Forces on a Towing Cable

    Can you provide a diagram of what you're trying to figure out? I'm not clear on what you want to know. It seems you are asking how to calculate the depth of the "rig" on the end of a cable/line that is being dragged through the water; is that correct? CS
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    Electric Generators

    Electric Machines by Hubert: CS
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    Flow rate to height

    Use Bernoulli's Equation. You can make a few assumptions and end up with this equation: v = \sqrt{2g\Delta{h}} Multiply that time the area of the hole in the bottom and you end up with the flow rate (which you are given). Q = A\sqrt{2g\Delta{h}} Solve for h (the height) and plot...
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    Hydraulic or pneumatic for applying loads ranging between 500-1000lb

    You could technically use either, however, the hydraulic system will have a better response than the air one. Imagine pressuring up with a compressible medium - you'll have a sudden expansion in the cylinder as soon as it moves which will cause the pressure to drop rapidly. With a hydraulic...
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    Mass flow in Vapor Compression Cylce HELP

    Based on the Conservation of Mass principle, the mass flow rate is constant for a tube with one inlet and one outlet (i.e. no mass is gained or lost). The volumetric flow rate, however, may certainly change. CS