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    Difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering

    Software Engineering is a lot like project management but in a technical since. In the SE curriculum you will be study more on software management methodologies, System Requirements, life cycle, feasibility testing ,scale etc. In short SE is about the how to design software, maintain it and how...
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    Electro-mechanical Engineering

    I believe the closest your going to get to that is Electrical Engineering. You should see if your university has an concentration in control systems.
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    Linux or Windows?

    I perfer linux, mostly for programming reason. Problem 1. The thing that really annoy me is that windows really does care about most convents. Opengl with vista is one issue that annoys me a great deal. OpenGL is acedemic and industry standard. And IE has a problem with CSS also, but you...
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    C/++/# C++ Compiler for Mac Leopard that is NOT Xcode?

    Your not the first person who has told me this. I Code::Blocks appeals to me more for some reason. Is good how ever im not a .net developer, im an open source deveplover so cross-platform support is more ideal. However you have to realize that he said he was beginner and you have to agree...
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    C/++/# C++ Compiler for Mac Leopard that is NOT Xcode?

    I feel your pain i was in you same situation 2years ago when i got a mac. What i would recommend is codeblocks. Its just as good as VS and in my opioion it is better than Dev-C++.
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    C++ programmer

    If you want to get your foot in the door, the best thing for you to do is to get involved. Internships and opensource projects are both good ways to get experience. When your search for your first job, the projects that you have done in your spare time can really differentiate you from other...
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    PHP PHP -OO or Functional for speed/ knowledge demonstration?

    You're project doesn't seem like it need the to be OOP, because design wise you don't have anything to gain from using OOP. Don't get me wrong OOP is nice, but it is a waste if it doesn't clean up your code, or use OOP features like polymorphism or inheritance. If you are trying to make you code...
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    Unable to copy pics

    It's possible that the creator of the site placed a transparent image over top of the one you were trying to download.
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    C/++/# Physix c/c++

    For C/C++ book check out the Thinking in C++, perhaps one of the best books on c++. You may also want to look at Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design Patterns in C++ I haven't herd of agia but the Favok engine is pretty good. There is alot of documentation on it. There...
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    Java Using Scanner in Java to await user hitting return key

    I don't think that scanner has that functionality. What does is it was for user input and returns the input. It does not accept null characters. What your looking for is some type of listener. Take a look at the KeyListener class from java.awt.event.* libary. Just perform some...
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    Which Is The Better End Goal?

    The field of web design is very competitive. In web design it not the degree that matters, it's personal experience. If you want to get into that industry you need a complete portfolio of websites you have done. These include personal websites and non-paid sites. If you have any knowlege of...
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    Math Degree in statistic and mathematic

    Since you are already persuing a degree in Math or Statistics , you should just stick with it. If you are interested in it you should stick with it. Im currently a Computer Science major, and i can tell you that math skills are very sought after especially in finiance and wall street. Trust me...
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    How to find a mathematical formula for this recursion?

    look for Recurrence Relation or Master Theorem
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    No body seems to understand what computer science really is. Computer Science is not programming. Computer Science involves complexity, computation and automata theory. Computer Scientist spend a lot of there time with Discrete Proofs. Proving algorithms mathematical, figuring if something is...
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    Computer Science and Software Engineering

    If you really want to make yourself more marketable you should do software engineering. Software Engineering is almost project engineering. Basically it means that you are concerned with getting the job done at the cheapest most effective way possible. Having a degree in computer science means...