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    Finite Cylinder in an electric field

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could might know where maybe the following situation has been worked out: A finite cylinder of length L sticks out of a flat, horizontal plane. The plane and the finite cylinder are both grounded, and are placed into a previously uniform electric field, E =...
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    Electron / muon

    Well, since you mentioned Muons, I figured I'd bring up: Of course, it is impractical, and would be foolish to develop as an energy source, but still kinda neat.
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    What are projects about nuclear controlled fusion reactor to achieve Q > 1

    Here's a few links about the performance of JT-60 if you're interested. I guess they were able to reach gains of 1.25 or thereabouts. [Broken] [Broken]
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    Interesting story

    Ah ok, you mean like making the semiconductor devices themselves and things like that... Yeah that's not happening, heh.
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    Interesting story

    Just some guy who built his own playstation 2 portable - as in it can play playstation 2 discs (and also playstation 1 games) in a handheld console.
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    Interesting story

    Hey Pengwuino, have you seen this guy?
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    Mathematicians and physicist underpaid

    Hmm... I wonder if my physics degree will help me break into the garbage picking industry...
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    Measuring the height of a building

    What's wrong with using a barometer? Are you not allowed? Your second idea sounds pretty good, where you drop an object and listen for it to hit the ground, seems like it would be quicker than trying to measure shadows and figure out angles.
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    Bijection, Injection, and Surjection

    So would a bijective homomorphism be an isomorphism? I was taught (working with vector spaces) that a linear bijection is an isomorphism. Are these okay?
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    Questions about magnets.

    I once saw a 6x1.5 inch cylindrical magnet on ebay, i think around 200 hundred dollars? If I had an extra two hundred dollars, and perhaps an application for it I'd like to get one of those. I guess the optimal geometry for the neodymium magnet is a 1/8 "pancake" or cylindrical height/diameter...
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    Motorcycle Crash

    425 pounds ---> about 200 kg, if we add the driver that's about 290 kg, 155 mph ---> about 70 m/s, so the kinetic energy is 1/2 mv^2 ---> ~ 95,550 joules. What units do you want? Joules? Calories? Btu's? Kilowatt-hours?
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    Questions about magnets.

    What kind of application? I would recommend looking into magnets of the neodyium iron boron variety. Just search for them on ebay, you should see a lot for sale there. I bought a 2x2x1 inch neodyium magnet that i think lifts over 200 pounds of steel. I've tested a little under 200 pounds so...
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    Accelerators and fusion of elements

    Huh, nifty. I wonder what the cross section for neutron capture of Hg 196 would be?
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    Quantum Entanglement and Communication

    So, in essence, I'd have to call you up and ask you about your data you have on betelgeuze which would basically defeat the point of using this method to communicate, right?
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    Evaluate the following integral

    If you want to skip the integration by parts, you can choose to use the differentiation under the integral sign: \int_{-\infty}^{\infty} x^{n} dx e^{-ax^{2}} = \int_{-\infty}^{\infty} dx \frac{d^{\frac{n}{2}}}{da^{\frac{n}{2}}}(-1)^{\frac{n}{2}}e^{-ax^{2}} So now you can take the...