aeronautical engineer

  1. G

    Inertial loads -- Sources of information needed

    I'm working with Aerodesign, and I want to study "Inertial loads" but I can't find books about the subject, do you know any? thank you
  2. H

    General-Electric GEnx turbofan engine picture label request

    Hi! I am a student who is passionate about engines and mechanics (although the major I'm pursuing is CS.I believe we must not inhibit our intellectual curiosity). The following link will take you to the picture of an uncovered General Electric Next Generation Turbofan engine used by the 787...
  3. Futurestar33

    Anyone studying Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering?

    Good afternoon, I am just curious about what books you guys use, I am a aspiring physicist with other degrees. I have always had a passion for space and engineering and when I go looking for Aeronautical or Aerospace books I find out that none of them are really math rigorous. Could anyone...
  4. D

    Variable Wing Area Concept

    Hey guys!, this is my final year aeronautical engineering project that me and my group are going to work on! we have this concept of producing a roll in an uav/RC aircraft by reducing the area of the wing on one side while keeping the other side area constant or increasing it(gradually) and...
  5. WhatmoughG

    Camera Kite

    Hey, I am embarking on a drive to the arctic circle. I have spent a bit of time googling looking for a kite to pull behind my truck to film the adventure and can't find much useful information. Is there anyone that could design or point me in the direction of a place to design a decent kite to...
  6. ChimM

    Calculating Tapered Wing Aircraft

    Hi, can you help me understand this? "the tapered wing having a 6-ft. chord at the root, the leading and trailing edges being tangent to a circle of 2-ft. radius at the tip, and the fuselage being 3 ft. wide." What should the diagram looked like? 2 circles, 1 with 2 ft radius, and 3 ft in...