What is Careers in physics: Definition and 13 Discussions

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  1. M

    Admissions Want to continue my Formal Education

    Hi everyone, I was a high school student back in 2010 and then I got problems in life where my studies were left behind. I do a lot of self study. But now I want to continue, do a Bs graduation degree but I don't know if any college in world allows a online physics degree. I searched for Arizona...
  2. hagopbul

    Job Skills Question about my teaching certificates and teaching in other countries

    Hello All ; i hope all are fine and well , i have teaching certificate from american university of Beirut(special education) and have a teaching diploma from a public University in Syria . other than my physics degree if i travel to other parts of the world do i need to have another teaching...
  3. K

    Physics Finding entry level jobs in physics in Europe, how to get started?

    Heya:) I'm now 25 years old and working in a corporate job in London for almost a year after graduating with master in Electronic Engineering. However, what I want to do, what I always wanted to do is work in physics, specifically particle, quantum physics. Over the years tho, for different...
  4. AryaKimiaghalam

    Physics Physics job prospects in Canada

    Hi, I'm starting my undergrad studies in math and physics this fall. I wanted to know what subfield of physics gives the best job opportunity to a Ph.D. graduate? I want to work in a field that I studied in. Not like particle physicists working in financial maths. Which field uses intense...
  5. AryaKimiaghalam

    Programs How is medical physics compared to other fields of physics?

    Hello, I will start my freshman year in mathematical physics this fall. When I was researching about fields of specialization in physics I came across medical physics. I found that medical physicists are well paid and their job prospect is great! As you probably realized from my major, I'm very...
  6. Avimanyu Ray

    Careers in physics other than teaching or research

    Hi everyone, Im from India, a country where the general line careers won't fetch luxury or good financial stability. After doing bachelors in Physics, what are the options open for me other than the teaching profession or Ph.D.? I also need to keep in mind about the financial security while...
  7. P

    Motivation for research and careers in physics

    I've been struggling to find my own motivation for studying and researching physics, so I wanted to pose this question to anyone willing to answer. What is your motivation/drive/ambition to study physics? What do you hope to accomplish with a career in physics? And finally, was there a moment...
  8. evelyn

    What are the most suitable careers in physics?

    i'm doing my undergraduate course in physics. and i know that it's not an easy subject. but i want to know that which subject i should choose in my MSc to have a very good job fecility and with a good salary? in which field of physics should i specialise?
  9. T

    Is a Physics Major the Right Path for Me?

    What are some actual jobs in physics and colleges that are geared towards them? I'm applying to colleges right now and I'm quite curious. Is being a physics major difficult? I've fallen in love with the idea of string theory and I've read books on it, but I'm not much of a mathematical person...
  10. G

    Physics Jobs of Physicists in Defence Industry: Exploring Possibilities

    Careers in physics?? Can anyone tell me or list the jobs of physicists?? What are their roles in defence industry? can they work/experiment the integration of mechanical and electrical engineering (like mechatronics)? Can physicists design/develop/work with AAMs (anti-air missiles)? or physics...
  11. A

    Physics Careers in Physics: Job Options After MSc

    what all job options are ther after one does his msc physics
  12. D

    Physics Careers in Physics: Advice for an Aspiring Physicist

    Ok, I know there are probably plenty of posts on the site about this sort of thing, but I'd like to hear what you guys think. I'm a junior in high school and i really love physics. I consider myself "advanced" in the subject, for I read book after book about physics, string theory, particle...
  13. D

    Physics Can a career in physics help solve environmental issues?

    Are there any fields of physics that one can go into after getting a masters or a phd that merge together experimental or theoretical physics and directly tackling environmental problems. The only thing I could think of is fusion research, which could eventually lead to cleaner energy. More...