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What are the most suitable careers in physics?

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    i'm doing my undergraduate course in physics. and i know that it's not an easy subject. but i want to know that which subject i should choose in my MSc to have a very good job fecility and with a good salary? in which field of physics should i specialise?
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    I don't really know if there is a good field of physics for making money or not (I lean towards not). I'd imagine on the whole experimental is better than theoretical (my specialization was high energy theory which has done nothing to help me in terms of career (I write software)). Maybe experimental condensed matter physics or optics, but again I don't really know. If engineering has any appeal to you, then you might want to consider that.
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    Remember that graduate education in physics is more or less training for academia and not really training for a job out in the real world, where employers will look more for specific skill sets and certifications. A couple of fields within physics that have strong professional dimensions are medical physics and geophysics. You might want to look into those.
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    Is plasma physics any good for making money working in the field of fusion? Considering how it's gaining more popularity by the day and is our most likely solution to the energy crisis.
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    Any kind of computational physics seems to be employable, from my personal experiences conversing with people who work in that speciality, but you'd need to look into it.
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