What is Dyno: Definition and 17 Discussions

DYNO is a BMX bike and bike products company started by Bob Morales in 1982. DYNO's first products were BMX racing apparel and number plates. DYNO gear was used and endorsed by many top BMX and Freestyle riders and teams, including; GT Bicycles, SE Racing, Auburn Cycles, Robinson Racing and Team Powerlite. Riders included Eddie Fiola, Mike Dominguez, Greg Hill, Gary Ellis and many others.
In 1985 Bob Morales said "GT Bicycles made an offer to buy Dyno. I accepted their offer because Dyno was severely undercapitalized and in need of investment.
I negotiated a contract with GT to design bicycle frames and components and to consult on a marketing strategy for them." Morales developed a line of DYNO frames and bicycles for GT. DYNO also produced a line of clothing apparel and shoes under the DYNO brand.
The DYNO brand is now sold by Pacific Cycle a subsidiary of the Canadian conglomerate Dorel Industries.

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    DIY Simple analog engine dynamometer -- How to do it?

    Hi, I have to measure the HP of a small engine at the crankshaft. The only usable things are. A dinamometer A brake disk An rpm meter The brake caliper is floating so when we apply de load it pull the dinamometer. The rpm meter show the revolution during the load apply. It can works? How I...
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    DIY dyno calculation with an Arduino sensor circuit

    I would like to know if this formulae i have are good enough to make calculations. My plan is to count time of each roll with Arduino.I don't have roller yet so i don't know moment of inertia.angular acceleration = radians/secounds TORQUE = moment of inertia (kg∙m2) * angular acceleration RPM =...
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    Automotive Engine explodes during dyno test

    A high-performance diesel engine explodes into pieces while being run on a dyno test.
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    Understanding Dyno Readings -- is HP "real world" HP?

    I did a thread a long while back and I was like really confused because one group was saying it is and another said no. This was bouncing off different sites and I believe I now know why I was having a hard time. I believe the information I am looking for may be rare. I understand it much...
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    Automotive How to calculate 1.5 order wheel torque fluctuation (3 Cylin

    Hi all, I have the raw data in .csv file which has Engine speed, wheel torque value and main shaft speed (Please refer to below image - raw data_screen shot) I have to find the logic for the above raw data, to get 1.5 order wheel torque value, which is close to resulted value as attached...
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    If gears multiply torque then why does a Dyno read less?

    If the selected gear ratio and final drive ratio multiply the torque and reduce the speed then why does the dyno read less torque? e.g a car with 200 Nm (@5000 RPM) of torque with a 2nd gear selected (Ratio = 2) and final drive ratio 3.5 200*2*3.5 = 1400 Nm of torque 5000/2/3.5 = 714.3 RPM...
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    How can I test the load output of my hydro turbine without breaking the bank?

    Hi Everyone, I am building a hydro turbine, I am expecting it to produce circa 4 kw possibly as high as 7 kw depending on flow. I am on a very limited budget. Please could you suggest possible means of getting load output data? I have considered attaching a heavy truck 24 v alternator and doing...
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    Help with calculation for dynamometer build?

    I'm looking for someone who can help me calculate the torque there will be transferred to my couplings between the rollers and to my belt connecting the 2 set of rollers. I have drawings of it all including inventor pro 2011 drawings/file of it all putted together without the belt and couplings...
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    Discover the Best Brake System for a 70Kw Engine Dyno Design

    Hi all, I'm designing a 70Kw engine dyno and I'm thinking to use a friction brake with a pneumatic actuation. Which kind of brake system usually have such commercial engine dyno? Eddy current brake? Hydraulic one? Thanks
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    Small Engine Dyno: Designing & Attaching Torque Arm

    I am currently in the process of designing an engine dynamometer for a small engine. Maximum power of 1 KW @ 7000 RPM and a maximum torque of 1.6 Nm @ 5500 RPM. Here is my proposed method, but I have some concerns that I'll state below: Prony Brake Essentially a friction dyno, I would...
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    Flywheel design. Inertia dyno for 745 KW engine.

    Hello again, I am currently designing a flywheel for a 745 KW engine inertia dyno. Basically my design requirements are so: Max RPM: 530 RPM (=55.5 rad/s) Flywheel Diameter: 1.7 meters Time needed to accelerate: 60 second (to max rpm) I need help determining the mass of the...
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    Does colder intake charge really work on Dyno?

    Hello, I got a question on auto engines. especially on Naturally Aspirated engines. I know that colder intake = more oxygen in the mixture, then the ecu will compensate that with more fuel, etc, etc, more power... But colder air will also result to less efficient atomization of fuel...
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    How can I build a DIY AC motor dyno for small engine development?

    Here's what the plan is I need a dyno for a new engine development program. small displacement engines, 50cc some day up to 200cc+. I need comparative data engine to engine, tuning, proto components, etc.. this is all diy budget stuff please keep this in mind. I come from automotive and race...
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    : Finding the Right Electronic Noise Retardant for Your Dyno Room

    Hi The company I work for has a Dyno room for tuning its engines before sale. Can someone advise me on an electronic noise retardant please? The room where the Dyno is situated is quite small and doesn't really have the ability to be lined with a material unless it were less that 25mm thick. Penn
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    Small Engine Dyno: Building & Controlling 6.5kW MUT

    Hi guys could you help. I am building a small engine dyno using an car alternator. MUT is rated 6.5kW. I was thinking of using the output from the alternator to power the laptop through an dc to ac inventor or heat loss through heat coils from hairdrier. How would i control the trottle feed...
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    2 cycle engines (& dyno)

    I have a couple of questions about 2 cycle engines: 1) Can someone further explain “time-area” to me in regard to the 2 cycle engine porting? I do grasp the basic concept of time-area values and I do have a formula to calculate the time-area values for a 2 cycle engine however there is still...
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    Motorcycle Intertia Dyno - Moment of Intertia for various objects?

    Hi all, Firstly - I'm not a collage student but this seemed a good place to ask the question! Any help welcome :smile: As a fun home project, I've been building a motorcycle dyno, connected to a PC via a custom made PIC based device. Have most of it worked out with regards to data...