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Automotive How to calculate 1.5 order wheel torque fluctuation (3 Cylin

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    Hi all,

    I have the raw data in .csv file which has Engine speed, wheel torque value and main shaft speed (Please refer to below image - raw data_screen shot)

    Raw data Screen shot.JPG

    I have to find the logic for the above raw data, to get 1.5 order wheel torque value, which is close to resulted value as attached (Result_1.5 order torque value as shown below).

    Result_1.5 order torque value.JPG

    I am working on this, I request all members of research gate forum to help me on this to create a logic/formula.

    If the above information is not clear enough, please ask me

    Many thanks,
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    What's a "research gate forum"?
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    This forums will be having many research people. So I requested them by saying research group/gate, etc

    Sorry if I am wrong

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